Purchase and shipping

We help you to purchase your goods and also help you in shipping them to your doorstep.

Purchase and shipping service

We offer a Purchase and shipping service. This is when we handle everything for you. from buying to shipping to Nigeria, this is the safest service because we will follow up your order till your goods get to you and in case missing or incomplete item, we follow up for replacement, this service attracts 5% of the total amount of items we are buying for you while you just pay the normal shipping charge for shipping.

Also, we offer:

Only Purchase

we can handle only the purchase and payment of your goods for you and send it to your preferred agent in china. If you have another preferred means of shipping and it includes a service charge of 5% of total transitions

Only shipping

we can handle only shipping for you if you have another mean or way to pay your supplier or seller, den you only want us to ship to Nigeria for you.

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