We can be used either as an agent of any carrier serving the destination you are shipping or by utilizing us as a carrier to avail the discounts available through.


We can be used either as an agent of any carrier serving the destination you are shipping or by utilizing us as a carrier to avail the discounts available through.


HUMBRO provides services in the field of road, sea, rail, air transportation, customs brokerage, and a full range of warehousing services.

By entrusting the delivery of cargo to our company, you will have neither problems nor extra temporal costs. A team of professionals will always help solve your question on the delivery, will offer the most appropriate mode of transport that will deliver your cargo in one piece and on time.

  • Warehousing & Fulfillment
  • Fast payment
  • Transportation & Distribution

Our Services


1) Register in our site with your full details, give us correct details information, check your emails inbox or spam to get the confirmation link, click it and verify your account, after successful registration go to your account page you will see NEW ORDER link, click the link to proceed to a new order form.
2) Fill the form correctly with your with your names, phone number and email, den fill the product link and description correctly. The space is provided for 20links but if your link is more than 20, you can repeat the process and write (MORE PRODUCT LINKS ) den continue.
3) We will work your link within 24hrs and open an order ticket for you where we will send you either screenshot or video of your items with full working total cost quotation of your order to our Chinese office .
4) Crosscheck, confirm and proceed for payment, inform us of your payment through our livechat, after we confirm your payment, we will placed your order within 24hrs.
5) Request for your items order tracking number 3 to 6 days , if we give it to you it means you seller has shipped your item but does not mean it has arrived our Chinese office, you will use the tracking under to track your item in our site, ones we received your items in our Chinese office, if will be updated in our website. NOTE: our 7 to 12days or 3days shipping duration for normal and express shipping does not include local Chinese shipping to our Chinese office, we don’t determine Chinese local shipping , because we don’t have control over Chinese shipping, however some seller shipped out items fast within 2days out of placing order, some slow , distance between seller and our office can cause delay, item unavailability too can cause delay.
6) NOTE: We shipped most of our item via normal shipping cost that what most clients preferred, please if you need your item shipped by express shipping or any other shipping method, please notify our Chinese office via our livechat, we don’t ship battery, liquid, powder and sex toys items by normal, we ship shipped mostly by express, power bank, Bluetooth speaker, phone and big battery goods will go through Hong Kong airlines and will takes longer time to arrive.
7) Please use your tracking number to follow update of your item till it arrive Nigeria and contact us if you are not satisfy with our tracking update.
8) When your item arrived we will notify for picked up.



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