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We buy the items for you, check each one carefully, and repack/combine multiple orders into a new box to save in shipping cost, and get it shipped to you. Be rest assured that your parcel is protected.

We Have a Wide Range of Solutions for Your Business

We offer the service of helping individuals and business to purchase things from China websites like www.1688.com, www.tmall.com, www.alibaba.com, www.aliexpress.com, www.taobao.com www.jd.com, etc. We also help to make payment to Chinese suppliers. Apart from procurement of goods, we also offer shipping service from China to different countries

Tracking Is Easy

One tracking number for the entire process.

Fast Payment

We ensure of fast payment when ever you are using our procurement service.

Multiple Warehouses

We operate multiple drop off and pick-up locations.

27/4 Support system

We are available to offer support every time.

we handle everything for you. from buying to shipping to Nigeria, this is the most safe service because we will follow up your order till your goods get to you and in case missing or incomplete item, we follow up for replacement, this service attracts 5% of the total amount of items we are buying for you while you just pay normal shipping charge for shipping.


we can pay your supplier or send money to your relatives in china in minute, we have varies ways to pay Chinese company or individual, from Chinese Bank account payment, Alipay payment, Wechat payment and QQ payment.


All items you purchase through us, you are to pick it up in our office in Lagos, but if you are outside Lagos or in Lagos, we can waybill your item to you in any part of the country and offer home delivery in Lagos.


Humbro provides services in the field of road, sea, air transportation, and a full range of warehousing services.

By entrusting the delivery of cargo to our company, you will have neither problems nor extra temporal costs. A team of professionals will always help solve your question on the delivery, will offer the most appropriate mode of transport that will deliver your cargo in one piece and on tim

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  • Transportation & Distribution

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When you need help, Humbro Customer Care Center is here for you with 24/7 technical support assistance
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